In Black And White There Are No Grey Areas

Monochrome Of An Icon

Do you know what ‘K’ stands for in CMYK?

Black? ‘K’ Stands for KEY. Black is key because it is composed from all the other colours.

Black is the colour of sophistication & mystery. Black commands fear & respect.  Black is a lucky colour. If a black cat crosses your path, it is a portent to good fortune.

White symbolizes purity, virtue, fidelity & innocence. White is equated with wealth. White also denotes the absence of colour but more shades of white exist than for any other colour.

White is also ambiguous. For instance, the phrase; “Little White lie”. No other colour can claim to be as versatile. For instance, in the west, white is a symbol of life, whilst in the east, it is a symbol of death. White symbolizes health, truth & peace.

Discover the achromatic scheme & see how powerful it can be in your next design or campaign.

Can you identify the icon in this famous black & white photograph? If so, email me. I am giving away 60″ x 40″ Fuji Metallic Photographic prints to the first 5 correct answers.

Thanks for reading the Digital Circus.


2 thoughts on “In Black And White There Are No Grey Areas

  1. Hi Steve,

    Marilyn Monroe,

    Good work with the digital circus site you have definitely got a fan in Manchester

    All the best


    P.s…If you still have the image on metalic fuji I have a dear friend who would litterally do back flips for it!

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