Dali, Surrealism And Digital Photography!

Oscar Teller 1960 Classical
A Masterpiece Ascending to Heaven

The most iconic religious, masterpiece of the 20th century, resides in the Glasgow Art Gallery in Scotland. Christ of St John of the Cross is an oil on canvas by Salvador Dali. In the painting, the figure of Christ dominates the bay of Port Lligat.

This wonderful work of art was inspired by a drawing, executed by St. John of the Cross, while in a state of ecstasy. This piece now resides in the Convent of the Incarnation at Avila.

Dali & Surrealism has fascinated me for over 40 years. I wanted to see if I could create a metophorical work on the theme of Ascension, using one of my Classical Guitars. The metaphor being that music ascends to heaven or indeed, that music floats down from heaven & is discovered by the musician.

My good friend & elite, still life photographer, Alan Batham, captured the image & Leon Williams at C3imaging finished the work. The work is the same size as the Dali. I saw the guitar ascending to heaven from the cusp of the earth which would have been more accurate than the surrealism of the original.

I hope you like the image. This is Steve Howard. You have been reading, the digital circus.

One thought on “Dali, Surrealism And Digital Photography!

  1. Steve,

    This is another quality image and also a fan of the Dali work and went to see some of his work at the TATE modern about a year ago…

    If you are willing to let me have a copy of the image I could find a wonderful spot on my apartment wall



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