Only a Born Artist Can Endure The Labour Of Becoming One – Comtesse Diane

Tiger Mosaic by Artist Madeleine Howard
Tiger Tiger Mosaic By Madeleine Howard

I have one sister. Her name is Madeleine. She was christened Madeleine as a tribute to my grand mother, Madeleine Arribaja.

My family are Spanish. This probably explains my passion for the Spanish Guitar and the compositions of Francisco Tarrega.

My sister has painted all her life. Like most of us, she has had to put work before art. She is a ward nurse at a hospital in the city of Liverpool.

The past few years, she has pursued her dream of being a full time artist with gusto and determination. She recently won a competition in Liverpool and is an active member of a vibrant North West, artistic community.

The past 12 months, she has discovered her metier; Mosaics. Not for her, the purchase of insipid, new, glazed, pieces of ceramic. On the contrary, she finds old, abandoned floor tiles, porcelain and decorative ceramics in which to fashion, fascinating mosaics that have a piquancy of their own.

Her Mosaics are in demand and she is a prime example in believing in your dream, never let it die and most of all, try, try, again.

My sister Madeleine’s current project is a Mosaic of  The Beatles. When it is finished, I will post an update on the digital circus. Her last show was at St. Georges Hall in Liverpool. St Georges Hall is the finest Neo-Classical building in Europe.

Like many things in Liverpool, it is a National treasure, that is yet to be discovered by most Non Liverpudlians. For the rest of us, it is the fictional resting place of a part of Hitler’s anatomy. Hilarious, we scousers

I am helping Madeleine create a portfolio of her work. If you have any comments on this article or indeed, the Tiger Mosaic, I look forward to hearing from you.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the digital circus.

One thought on “Only a Born Artist Can Endure The Labour Of Becoming One – Comtesse Diane

  1. Hi Steve
    Hope you got all the paperwork done. At last welcome to the world you have waited for a long time
    with all that drive and freedom the vision we have spoken about for bespoke products in print
    can now be taken to the market place you know so well so lets get going and show the world
    you cant keep two geniuses from any market place. We will win and have good fun trying.

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