The Camera Is A Little Like The Surgeon’s Knife – Jean Renoir

Hand And Bubbles by Elite Photographer Alan Batham
Hand And Bubbles - Alan Batham

“There are Limits and there is No Limits”. And so began; No Limits. No Limits was London’s most famous Digital Imaging Studios. Throughout the 1990’s, this iconic bureaux, created high-end, Digital Prints for Turner prize winners, museums and photographic libraries.

In 2010, the company, now branded C3imaging, continues this fine tradition of bespoke imaging for artists and photographers. In this next tranche of the digital circus, I will share with you, my personal involvement with some of the amazing, creative and inspiring personalities, I have worked with over the past twenty years.

In 2000, I needed to create a complex montage of silver displays for a brochure. Chrome and silver is very difficult to photograph. I turned up, at  Alan Batham’s London studio, unannounced, on a cold, frosty, Friday night, in a van, laden with heavy samples and asked him, if it was possible, to ‘create a silk purse, from a sow’s ear’. Three days later, I had twenty incredible photographs which metamorphosed into the most breath-taking and beautiful brochure I had ever seen.

In 2010, Alan and Lynn are still creating some of the most beautiful images in the world. To see more of their wonderful portfolio, go to or for a brief snippet, go to

Do make time to view their work. You will not be disappointed. Alan and Lynn love to talk. They are also every generous with their time. If you have any comments, you can email them at

If  you have any comments on this article or you would like Alan or Lynn to contact you, please let me know.

My name is Steve Howard and you have been reading, the digital circus.

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