Dali, Segovia, Alchemy And Ascension To Heaven!

Homage To Dali Spanish Guitar Ascension To Heaven
Ascension To Heaven

“I believe in magic and my fate” – Salvador Dali.

Dali completed his trilogy of Christ and the Crucifixion with his sublime; “Corpus Hypercubis (crucifixion)” in 1954.

“Ascension To Heaven”, is my homage to Dali and the Great Masters of the Spanish Guitar. It is the second series depicting the Spanish Guitar in the Surrealist manner.

Medieval Alchemists, conceived the world, comprising 4 elements; Air, Earth, Fire and Water. The metaphysical aspects of “Ascension To Heaven” are intriguing because the Sky is Air and the wooden Guitar is Earth.

What of Fire and Water, you may ask? Andres Segovia, The legendary Spanish Guitarist was often referred to by the Cognoscenti as Fire and our own John Williams was often described as Water, due to the fluidity of his playing.

“Ascension To Heaven”, depicts a 1961 Oscar Teller, crafted by the Great, German Luthier, shortly before his death.

Alan Batham captured the image and Leon Williams of C3imaging created the piece in Photoshop. I discovered Oscar Teller Guitars through Dutch restorer, Bruno Merks. From Bruno, I purchased two, restored Horst Teller classical guitars(Oscar’s son) and was determined to find a guitar made by Oscar himself.

One night, whilst searching the internet, I found an Oscar Teller, literally 3 miles from my home town of Liverpool, at auction, on Ebay. The chap selling this masterpiece was a Jazz Guitarist and he had opened the case once, before deciding the nylon string, Spanish Guitar, was not his forte.

I won the auction and the guitar arrived, in its original case. 50-year-old classical guitars, can have a lot of problems, neck warping, lack of tender loving care and missing parts. Not this Oscar Teller. I could not believe my eyes. It had never been played. The original provenance was still in the case. The walnut purfling was stunning, the Rosewood body was magnificent and the ebony fretboard had never been touched by human hand. Life is strange, is it not?

If you are interested in these magnificent instruments, you can email my friend, Bruno Merks, bruunari@quicknet.nl or visit his web site, www.bruunari.nl. Teller have a German web site. The company still make fine guitars. The baton has been handed down to the grandson of Oscar Teller, revered as one of Germany’s greatest Luthiers.

If  you would like a copy of “Ascension To Heaven”, I am giving  away 5, 20″ x 30″ Fuji Crystal Archival photographic prints to the first 5 people who email me, Steve Howard, steve@c3londoncity.com. To send you out this beautiful print, I need your name and business address. In your email subject line, place the name, ‘Oscar Teller”.

If you have any comments, I would be delighted to hear from you. My name is Steve Howard. This is the digital circus.

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