They Are The World’s Best But The Future Is Far From Purrfect!

The Scottish Wildcat
Scottish Wildcat

Far back, in the history of Scotland, clans formed together under the image of the Wildcat and fought wars for the independence of the land.

Today, less than 400 Scottish Wildcats remain in the wild and extinction of Britain’s only large mammal predator, could come, within the next 5 years.

The Wildcat was once found all over Britain. It was here, long before we were and far longer than the domestic cat. Sadly, What is the future for the ‘Tiger of the Highlands”.

Like the Wildcat, what is the future of the Durst Lambda 130 in Britain? The Lambda is the World’s best digital printer.

Launched in 1995 as a technological miracle, there are approximately 1000 installations world-wide. Sadly, in Britain, they are on the decline. There may be less than 45 in the UK.

Amazing then, that there are two of these Leviathans in C3imaging London, less than 200 yards away from Blackfriars Bridge. They are known affectionately as Shearer and Sheringham, England’s best partnership since Greaves and Hunt.

The decline is partly due to the prohibitive cost of installation and maintenance. It is also due to the fact that, in Britain, we do tend to place cost, higher than quality.

Shearer, our vintage Lambda is still entertaining hundreds of clients as he has done, since his transfer in 1997, from the Durst Factory in Italy, in 1997. He caused a sensation at the time, with the £300,000 transfer fee, his £30,000 maintenance costs and the incredible quality of his images, that revolutionised an entire industry.

What now for these technological marvels. Well, the world is still singing their praises and staring in wonderment at the breath-taking beauty of their images. Less than 18 months ago, the Durst Laser 130/131 was voted ‘Product of the Year’ at the prestigious DPI/SGIA awards in Atlanta USA. Not bad for a pensioner.

So, what can you do to save Britain’s largest predator and best-loved, Photographic Laser Imager. Donations for the Scottish Wildcat can be made at

To keep our Durst Laser Imager’s firing, advise your clients to invest in the best quality images and graphics they can afford.

The World's best Digital Photographic Enlarger
The World's best Digital Photographic Enlarger

If you have any comments, I would be delighted to hear from you. You can email me, Steve Howard,

You have been reading the digital circus.

PS. I have 5 beautiful 30″ x 40″ Fuji Crystal Archival, Lambda prints of the Scottish Wildcat, to give away, to the first five respondents by email to me, Steve Howard, When emailing me, state your name, company and full UK business address and title the email, ‘Wildcat’

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