Discover What The Beatles Have In Common With The Buddha?

Buddha in Lotus position
The Buddha

In a previous post, I promised to let you know when my sister had finished her Mosaic of  the Beatles. The Beatles project took her nearly 4 months and over 1000 hours to plan, organise and execute. Mosaics present incredible challenges both technically and artistically.

Similarly, The Buddha Mosaic took nearly 5 months to create. I think you will agree, it is a beautiful Mosaic.

Madeleine has a wonderful portfolio of Mosaics. Demand for her Mosaics, is such, that individual commissions can take several years.

In order, not to disappoint customers, she supply’s Limited Edition Fuji Crystal Archival Prints. These wonderful photographic prints offer a 75 year guarantee against fading. They are luscious and extremely vibrant.

Fuji Crystal, Fine Art prints are an exciting alternative to an original Mosaic and provide an authentic flavour of the real thing. They can also be framed, mounted or inserted into a clip frame to adorn the walls of homes, galleries and work spaces.

Madeleine has created a wonderful video of her Mosaics at If you have time, I implore you to visit.  I promise, you will not be disappointed.

If you want more information on the any of the pieces in the video or indeed you would like to contact Madeleine, her email address is

Once again, thank you for your continued support. My name is Steve Howard; you have been reading the digital circus.

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