Are You Out There And Do You Really Care!

Brillant Outdoor Promotions
What A Save!

You may possess the most complex device in the Cosmos; your Brain.

Recent research has uncovered that 95% of our thinking is unconscious. That is a relief. I wondered why I always felt tired.

Scientists are now suggesting that a large percentage of conventional advertising is actually failing to reach its objective.

The reason for this, apparently, is that we make buying decisions, unconsciously, more by habit than choice.

This has not stopped the incredible rise in outdoor advertising which only goes to show that if there is a space, someone will fill it.

The Digital Imaging industry has given rise to the Super Printer; the Terminator of the Reprographics World. These Extra Wide Format printers are capable of printing on materials 5 metres wide and 50 metres in length.

The outdoor message is simple; Big Image, Big Impact!

Outdoor Advertising is more fun than the high brow, indoor imagery, you often see in exhibitions. Outdoor Advertisers can relax, have some fun and leave you smiling.

It also works. If you like the fabulous banner in the photograph, click on to for more weird and wonderful campaigns from the world of outdoor advertising.

Enjoy the movie! If you have comments, I would love to hear from you. If you like the music, I composed and played it on my wonderful, Antonio Ariza, Spanish guitar.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the Digital Circus!


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