Would You Like Your Dream Man On Your Table Every Night?

Digital Photographic Table Top
Durst Lambda Photographic Table Top

In the past few years digital prints have been transferred onto all sorts of items from T-shirts to mouse mats.

The quality of such prints has been limited by the printing process which has been photo-realistic, rather than photographic.

This new technology is about to transform your everyday furniture into works of art. The table top in the picture above was created by a Laser imager and output onto a special type of vinyl.

The vinyl was then applied to an MDF routed table top using a vacuum press. The result is a work of modern art – A photographic table top.

Using this technology, you can have your family photographs permanently applied to your own furniture, including tables, chairs, etc, etc. This bespoke furniture market is set to transform offices and living spaces.

For more information on the exciting possibilities of photographic furniture, please email me, stevehoward3@me.com.

If you have any comments, I would love to hear from you.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the digital circus.


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