Discover How My Two Year Old Daughter Ended Up In The Roaring Twenties!

Flapper image of Natasha Howard
The Roaring Twenties - Natasha Howard

In 1973, I submitted my practical Art ‘A’ Level of Max Ernst’s, famous ‘Blue Nude’, only, for my esteemed tutor to announce, that I would never have a career in Art. I was pleased with this proclamation as I was less than enamoured with the thought, of starving to death, in some garret, struggling in vain to be the next Modigliani.

Like most people in the graphics industry, I have always aspired to be Leonardo Da Vinci. The invention of Photoshop, at least, provided a wonderful tool, to recreate photographic art, through collage, montage and electronic terpsichore.

Nevertheless, Photoshop still needs to be learnt and the learning curve is quite steep.

The advent of the Iphone has brought instant morphing, retouching and magical image manipulation to the masses.

Shortly after acquiring my Iphone, I downloaded Old Booth Premium from the App Store and created this masterpiece, in seconds. Since then, my family have had endless fun, with old family images. I have ended up with an Afro haircut, been fitted out with 1950’s, American student garments and had more makeovers than Inspector Clouseau. If you want to see what you can do with this incredible program, go to Be careful, you may not get any work done.

If you buy the software, send me some of your photographs. I will choose a few of the best ones and print them on our fantastic Durst Lambda.

If you have any comments about my daughters amazing Flapper Photograph, I would be delighted to hear from you.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the digital circus.

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