Is This A Black And White Image With A Spot Of Colour Or A Coloured Image With A Black And White Background?

Sandra Howard and her famous red lips
Ruby Lips - Model Sandra Howard

“Those rose-red ruby lips were made for kissing; but not by you!” – Jobel and Peri, in “Revelation of the Daleks”.

In traditional photographic processing, black and white paper could only print grey scale and coloured paper was used for RGB images. In digital processing, you can only use coloured papers. The compromise is that true black is not possible but digital chemistry can produce exceptional results.

The advantage of using digital design, printing and processing, is that you have a palette of 16,000,000 colours and an array of techniques from image retouching to manipulation. One of the most popular Apps on the iPhone is ColorSplash. This brilliant, simple program allows you to create dramatic photographs in black and white, using colour to highlight specific parts of the image.

It does this by a process called desaturation in which your RGB image is converted to Black and White. The original colour is left and can be re-applied using the touch technology on your iPhone – Simple yet brilliant.

I used ColorSplash on my iPhone to remove colour from this photograph of my wife and left the colour on her lips. I think you will agree, your eye is immediately attracted to the lips. This exercise took less than a few minutes and the level of skill required was minimal. The only problem you may have, is if you have fingers the size of boxing gloves.

For the cost of £1.99, you will enjoy hours of fun creating some incredible and fascinating images, ready for photographic processing.

Ruby lips are a wonderful subject for artists, designers and photographers. Do you remember Dali’s tribute to Mae West, in 1930, with his brilliant ‘Red Lips’ Sofa?

If you have any comments, I would love to hear from you. My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the digital circus.


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