And God Said There Is No Such Thing As Coincidence!

Marie Charlot
Marie Charlot - A Little Gem

My recent article on Marie Charlot generated a lot of interesting mail. A lady sent me an email regarding a painting by Marie Charlot which she had kept in her daughter’s wardrobe for over twenty years.

Another interesting email was from an Archival Art expert, attempting to provenance a painting by Marie Charlot. My own investigations have also drawn a blank.

My wife found an article, purporting that Marie Madeleine Charlot was Belgian and was also a favourite artist of Napoleon Bonaparte. I have tried to find said article but I have not been able to do so.

The coincidence is that my sister Madeleine is also an artist and has featured in two of my recent articles. Do you believe in Synchronicity or coincidence?  Whether you do or not, you must admit, Madeleine is not a common name.

Twenty years ago, one sunny morning in Sydney, I was browsing in a private gallery, when lo and behold, I found my second Marie Charlot. I must admit, this Marie Charlot is not as accomplished as the one in my recent article but it decorates the wall quite nicely.

If you have any information on the enigma that is Marie Madeleine Charlot or indeed this little oil painting, I would be delighted to hear from you.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the digital circus.


2 thoughts on “And God Said There Is No Such Thing As Coincidence!

    1. Dear Vicki,

      Thank you for the email. If your painting is an oil like the two I have, it is worth about £150 or $200. This series of paintings seem to be produced by a company like Franklin Mint who created a number of oils for the home market. I have no idea how many were created and the artists were probably gifted amateurs or may have been based in Eastern Europe or China. My first one has an expensive gilt frame and so does have a feel of quality. It may be worth keeping as these things have a habit of being worth something.



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