Here Since The Ice Age But You May Never See One!

Squirrel Nutkin
Squirrel Nutkin

One of the joys of growing up on Merseyside was a mythical place called Freshfields.

Nestling in this oasis is one of the few Red Squirrel Sanctuary’s in the UK.

Red Squirrels have lived on this island since the ice age and were once common in England, until a Vicar in Suffolk, imported two grey squirrels from the USA in 1876 and released them into his garden.

A few years ago, the Red Squirrel in Freshfield was close to extinction as a result of a virus. A recent study has estimated the current population to be approximately 100.

My wife and I have spent many a pleasant afternoon, ambling through the pine woods, handing out nuts to these beautiful creatures. It is a shame that they will never frequent your garden as they once did.

I hope you enjoy this wonderful photograph. It may well be the only way you will ever see a Red Squirrel in the not too distant future.

Find out more about one of our oldest inhabitants and few indingenous creatures at

If you have any comments about the Red Squirrel, this article or your own memory of Freshfields, I would be delighted to hear from you.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the digital circus.

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