Find Out About The Chinese Blueprint!

Chinese Ink on Paper Blueprint
Chinese Ink Blueprint

Chinese art, calligraphy and crafts are some of the wonders of the ancient world. The great Chinese emperors were some of the greatest patrons of the art world. Unfortunately, most of the art they created was for their, own private viewing.

Hundreds of years ago, there was a plethora of fantastic, Chinese artists, creating masterpieces for the Forbidden Palace and other Imperial dwellings. This little gem is a drawing in ink on Mulberry paper. Mulberry paper was a hand-made paper, fashioned by craftsman from local Mulberry trees. The best trees are found in Southern China.

I have made a few corrections to the image, one of which is to increase the contrast. High contrast black and white images make the best duotones. After applying the contrast, I have converted it into a duotone, again with a pure blue, transparent overlay.

To hold the blue, I have placed the image in a black frame and left a white border.

I think you will agree, the image is simple, yet beautiful. To think it was drawn by an anonymous artisan over 500 years ago is quite awe-inspiring. The artist may be forgotten, but his artwork will live forever.

I think that most artists are searching for immortality through their work.

Surely, that is the role of art, to transcend time and enrich society, long after it was created.

If you have any comments on the blueprint or indeed the article, I would be delighted to hear from you.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the digital circus.

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