Twenty Five Percent of Marine Life Live There Yet Days To Survive!

The Coral Reef

The Coral reefs are among the wonders of the natural world. Their awe-inspiring beauty is matched by their ability to give life to a quarter of the marine world.

Man, through pollution, climate change and overfishing is killing this precious jewel. If the current rate of destruction is not reversed, the Coral Reefs will disappear in less than 18,000 days.

For an environment that has sustained life for millions of years this is intolerable.

Scientists are trying to preserve this precious coral in various ways for our descendants to at least glimpse this wondrous phenomenon.

For many scientists, the ocean is the last bastion of  planet earth waiting to be discovered. It is a pity we are destroying it before we have the chance to do so.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the digital circus.


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