How Art And Imagery Can Shorten Your Stay In Hospital!


Vase & Flowers
The Power of Art

In 2000, I was approached by a major UK hospital to produce a series of large, mounted images, not for their marketing department but for two outpatient corridors.


At the time, this was quite unusual, in UK hospitals. The idea came from hospitals in the USA, where the practice was very popular. The ‘Power of Art’ to improve the health of patients had been proven by a leading American scientist.

Therefore, many American hospitals were adorning, drab, green walls with stunning paintings and wonderful scenic vistas of mountains, the countryside and the sea.

The ‘Power of Art’ movement has now become very popular in hospitals around the world and is seen by many as a vital element in speeding patient’s recovery from surgery and illness.

The next time you seen an image that moves you, remember, it may be adding a few years onto your life.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the digital circus.


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