How Digital Prints Are Helping Free Political Prisoners!


Liliany Obando
Liliany Patricia Obando T-Shirt

I have had the privilege of supplying bannerstands to ‘Justice of Columbia’.

Justice of Columbia is fighting for peace and Social Justice in one of the most volatile countries in the world; Columbia.

I regularly receive a newsletter by email from ‘Justice of Columbia and the news is always shocking, disturbing and incredulous.

Justice of Columbia, claim that campaigners, union leaders and law abiding citizens are detained, imprisoned and sometimes being murdered.

Today, I received the latest bulletin from Justice of Columbia and read this poignant story about Liliany Obando.

On August 8th 2008 Liliany Patricia Obando was detained by the Colombian authorities.

She was dragged away in front of her two terrified children and her elderly mother.

The Colombian regime has accused her of ‘rebellion’ and is currently holding her in appalling conditions in jail without having convicted her of any crime.

Liliany is an academic, a human rights campaigner and a trade union consultant. In recent years she has worked in several Western countries, mainly Canada and Australia, in an effort to raise awareness of the situation faced by the Colombian trade union movement.

This work is thought to have angered the Colombian regime, which is trying to present the international community with a false picture of what is occurring in Colombia and to cover-up the abuses.

The detention of Liliany is yet another attempt to silence those who speak out against the Colombian regime. The international community needs to protest against the authoritarian and abusive policies of the Colombian regime and to campaign for the release of people such as Liliany.

In order to raise funds, Justice of Columbia are selling printed T-Shirts of Liliany. If you want more details about Liliany or the work of Justice of Columbia, go to

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the digital circus.


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