A Foolproof Method For Removing Facial Wrinkles!

Retouching Fine Lines
Removing Fine Lines

C3imaging is the largest Digital Photographic Studios in the world. Our forte is high quality, Digital imaging and processing. We maintain our pre-eminent position, in the digital photographic industry, through our commitment to Durst Lambda and Oce Lightjet Laser imaging technology.

We also have some incredibly talented imaging specialists, notably in reproduction but also in retouching. My old joke that every retoucher thinks he is Matisse, the master of colour has worn a bit thin at C3imaging but this article is a homage to the beleaguered, artists, peering at their Macs and blasting their ears with some of the worst, piped musak on the planet, courtesy of Spotify.

Removing blemishes and enhancing images is daily fayre for our chaps but they never cease to amaze me with the quality of the work they produce. I am always telling them to create a tips and hints guide but they are always too busy. Therefore, I have created a quick tutorial to help you, if you wish to attempt some retouching of your own.

To begin, take a facial image, from a library, phone camera or decent scan. In Photoshop, use the Patch tool to select the lines under the eye. Click inside the selection and drag it to an unlined area of the face. Release the mouse. The lines under the eye will be replaced by the unlined target area. Repeat the steps above to remove other lines from the face.

Select the Smudge tool and set the Brush Size to 80 pixels in the Options bar. Use this tool to drag the skin around the jaw line. You could also use Filter > Liquify to make this adjustment. Use the Smudge tool to contour the jaw and the nose. Be careful not to overuse the tool as it will create a blurry image that looks unnatural.

Correct the skin tone by copying the layer. Select Layer > New > Layer via Copy to create Layer 1 in the Layers palette. Click Layer 1 and choose Filter > Blur > Gaussian Blur. Set the Radius to 5 pixels and click OK. This will blur the overall image and soften the contours of the face.

Set the blend mode of Layer 1 to Screen and the Opacity to 70%. The Screen mode will combine Background and Layer 1 to brighten up the skin tone.The Opacity setting will ensure that the skin tone is not too bright.

The bottom image, portrays the retouched and cleaned photograph. If you have some enhanced images, I would love to see them. You can email me steve@c3londoncity.co.uk.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the digital circus.


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