When Dali Met Teller?

Dali Teller Photography
Dali & Teller

It is no secret, that I love Salvador Dali. As an art student, in the 1960’s and 1970’s, I, like many other, passionate, talentless students, tried to emulate the great man’s surreal, inspiring dream like visions.

My favourite Dali masterpiece, Christ of St John, is the most iconic, Religious painting of the 20th century. I eventually recreated this piece with my Oscar Teller classical guitar, replacing Christ, to create a work, personal to myself.

Dali is world-famous in the art world but Oscar Teller is not as famous as his fellow, German Luthier, Hauser. This has always baffled me as Oscar Teller guitars are wonderful instruments. The balance, tone and playability is wondrous.

It is nearly impossible to find an Oscar Teller in mint condition. The Teller in the photograph is in the same condition as it was, the day Oscar created it in 1960. It is priceless and even more so when you hear the tone.

Dali and Teller were Genius’. Both worked in a studio. Both worked with basic hand tools. Both worked with dedication to their profession. Both built a lasting legacy.

I hope you enjoy my tribute to two Genius’ of the 20th Century. My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the digital circus.


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