The Day The BBC Cried Wolf!

Tame Wolf Ossian
Ossian The Wolf

For many years, I was Managing Director at C3imaging in London, one of London’s leading Digital Imaging Studios. One of our most prestigious projects was the annual BBC Wild Life Photographer of the Year award.

C3imaging was commissioned to print the Fine Art Photographic Prints of the winners for the event and for subsequent travelling exhibitions, all over the world.

In 2009, this incredible photograph beat 43,000 entries to the most prestigious prize in photography. Incredibly, it was later disqualified. The subject, Ossian, is a major celebrity in a Spanish Zoo. Apart from the fact that this high-profile animal was recognised, one of the major talking points was the method, employed by Ossian to negotiate the fence. Some experts theorised, that wild wolves, were more likely to crawl under the fence, rather than jump the obstacle, like a prize show jumper.

The ethics, of submitting a tame animal, in a Wild Life photographic competition, may well be open to conjecture. The fact that the photograph, is both dramatic and exceedingly rare, may have been lost, on a lot of people.

In the world of imagery, it deserves to be remembered and not just because it prevented the Natural History Museum declaring a winner in 46 years.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the Digital Circus.

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