20th Century Graphics Still In Existence in the 25th Century!

Biodegradable posters
Biodegradable Posters

It is widely accepted, that there is a worldwide shortage, of Landfill and that the contents of many sites, is problematic to the planet, on many levels. As an ethical printing organisation, we are always searching to produce graphics which impact less on the environment.

Several years ago, C3imaging was one of the first companies in the UK, to embrace UV curable, direct media printing, with variable dot technology, to reduce waste and ink usage. We also managed to reduce finishing costs and eradicate the use of chlorinated laminates.

Several years ago, we began offering biodegradable graphics which has been incredibly successful. The main problem with many large format point of sale, is that it will never decompose in landfill and can lie there, ad-infinitum. For many image and environmentally conscious organisations, this is not acceptable. We launched composters, for customers who want their short-term promotions to be just that, short-term; both in impact and in existence. Composters will degrade within 5 years and that can only help our Land fill sites.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the digital circus.


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