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Alicia Fantozzi
Alicia Fantozzi

In 1991, in London, an exciting digital studio was born, called No Limits. No Limits was an avant-garde digital studio, with an eclectic customer base, ranging from advertising agencies to Fine Artists. From its spiritual home in Clerkenwell, it offered Fine Art, Durst Lambda Prints and specialist mounting services on aluminium, Kappa Mount and MDF.

I was Managing Director, from 2000 to 2007. In that time, we printed and processed work for Veronica Bailey, Elaine Constantine and Fiona Banner. We also provided, a unique, student discount service, to students from the RCA, London Photographic College and the London School of Fashion. This helped them enormously, with their final year exhibitions. Artists such as Idris Khan, availed themselves of our student discount scheme.

In later years, we printed work, for artists such as Anthony Gormley and rock star photographers such as Brian Adams. Last year, I met a new artist by the name of Alicia Fantozzi. We printed and produced a series of beautiful prints for her solo exhibition; “Galerie Demons” at Merveilles in Paris, November 2010.

American Alicia Fantozzi is a true cross-disciplinary artist – she is a classically trained soprano, able to play many musical instruments, and is also an accomplished poet and photographer. She lives between London and Paris and travels to exotic places satisfying a passion for spirituality and mystifying experiences. Her work is influenced by her association and friendship with Peruvian Shamans, Native American Mohawks and African fortune tellers. She is also one of the nicest people, you will ever wish to meet.

It was a pleasure to help her create this wonderful exhibition and I wish her great success in the future.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the digital circus.


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