Huge Collage Uncovered At The Tower Of London!

Welcome Centre Tower of London
Welcome Centre Window Graphic Tower of London

London is said to have the largest square meterage, of Retail Window space, in the world. I have been covering London’s windows in Self adhesive vinyl, for over thirty years.

One of the most interesting projects I have just completed, is the window graphics, for the Tower of London’s, iconic Welcome Centre. The Welcome Centre is a haven for tourists, from all over the world. The window area is 4 metres high by over 15 metres long and the design was particularly ambitious. The drawing is a JPEG of the artwork supplied to produce the graphics. The actual graphics are featured in  a new case study which is being released shortly.

This large vista was printed digitally onto self adhesive vinyl and hand cut on site. It resembles a very large collage and is one of the best projects, I have been involved in. The tourists seem to think so, also, judging by the number of photographs, I see taken, when I am on the concourse.

If you like the graphic,I would be delighted to hear from you. My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the digital circus.


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