Top Tips For Women Dating Men!

The Couple
Love is in the Air

This is my hundredth blog. For all you bloggers out there, you may, like me, think a lot, about what really interests people.

I think we all agree, that articles about men and women, are inordinately fascinating.

They say, ‘love makes the world go round’. The game of relationships, is really the most complex and most enjoyable game, you will ever play.

To celebrate my centenary, in article terms, I thought, you may enjoy this bit of whimsy, from a man, on tips for women ,to play the game, of dating men.

These tips are not serious and they have not been created by a psychologist. They are intended to brighten your day and aimed at everyone, who takes life, too seriously.

I have been blissfully married for twenty-seven years. I studied psychology at Grammar School and have observed how it seems much harder for men and women, in the modern world, to meet their soul mate. Having been in sales for over thirty years, I am a firm believer, in the maxim; ‘You never get the chance to make a first impression’. In fact, my first month in sales training was spent trying to master the perfect greeting, the perfect handshake and the most natural eye contact.

Without further ado, here are my top tips. If you have some tips of your own, please, do let me know.

Top Tips for Women dating Men:

  1. He is really handsome: Won’t look at you twice.
  2. He is a Director of a Company: He is institutionalized.
  3. He is a good talker: He won’t listen to a thing you say.
  4. He dresses well: Buy two mirrors.
  5. He smells nice: Check the bathroom.
  6. He has a lovely smile: Check his teeth.
  7. He is very courteous: Check his family history.
  8. He is lacking in punctuality: Don’t give him the time of day.
  9. He is an impatient driver: Drop him off at the nearest lay by.
  10. He hates classical music: He needs conducting.
  11. He does not like art: Paint him a picture.
  12. He speaks to his mother every day: Don’t make plans.
  13. He does not want kids: Sell the 4×4.
  14. He loves his Local: Ring for Last orders.
  15. He subscribes to Sky Sports: Don’t bother.
  16. He hates your friends: Return the favour.
  17. He is fixated with work: Date someone else.
  18. He is jealous of your best friend: Avoid him at all costs.

When all else fails, buy a cat!

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the digital circus.


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