The Demise Of The Net Curtain!

Window Etching
Window Etching

One of the most common sights, in my neighbourhood in Liverpool, in the 1960’s was the net curtains, hanging on washing lines. Liverpool housewives were proud of their lovely lace curtains and always kept them spotlessly clean and white.

The modern housewife, has less time to clean and bleach net curtains. In fact, a new phenomena, derived from my industry, seems to be replacing net curtains. Self adhesive Etch film was invented to mimic the effect of chemical or sand blast etching. It is a remarkable product and has made etching, an affordable alternative, to this laborious and highly skilled process.

In recent years, etch film has migrated into people’s homes, eliminating the need for net curtains. I have had all my windows etched. Now,washing and bleaching net curtains, is a thing of the past. My mother always complained that net curtains were ‘harbingers of dust’.

If you need a fashionable, sophisticated, low maintenance alternative to net curtains, try some etch vinyl. You will not be disappointed.

If you need a good price for supply and fitting some etch vinyl in your home, today, email me, or call me on 0207 803 0627.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the Digital Circus.

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