The Artist L S Lowry And The Waterloo Dock In Liverpool!

Waterloo Dock - LS Lowry

Just before Christmas, I spent a wonderful afternoon, wandering around the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool. For those, of you, who have never been in the Walker, it is a jewel in the crown of provincial galleries. As a student in the 1960’s, I was an avid visitor to this atmospheric, theatre of excellence and culture.

Nestling quietly in the gallery at the moment is this beautiful painting by L S Lowry. I was surprised to find that the artist, made famous for his portrayal of working class life in Salford, actually painted famous Liverpool subjects, the River Mersey, the Liver Building and this lovely impression of Waterloo Dock.

The painting is on loan at the Walker. Please do take the trouble to view it at the Walker Art Gallery in Liverpool, before it is given back to the owner which I believe is Carol Lowry.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the Digital Circus.

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