Tensioned Or Not Tensioned, Now that is the Question?

Retractable Banner
Roller Bannerstand.

The Bannerstand is a single panel, portable display system, primarily for use in Face-to-Face Marketing & Communications!

There are two types of Bannerstand, the Tension Banner & The Retractable Banner (Roller Banner).

The Tension Bannerstand is assembled from components. The graphic panel, which is stored separately, is normally attached and suspended on the assembled unit, under tension.

The Retractable or Roller Banner houses the graphic panel in a cassette. The graphic is rolled out of the base unit and affixed on a central pole. The banner is usually suspended under tension.

There are benefits in both designs. The Tensioned Bannerstand. Disadvantages are that the banner needs assembling and components can break or be lost. The advantage is that a replacement graphic panel can be sent out to the user. The better-tensioned banners, often, do not require additional components to be fitted to the graphic panel.

The Roller Bannerstand. Requires little assembly. The graphic is protected in transit. The disadvantage is that in the entry-level models the base unit needs to be returned to the studio or manufacturer to replace the graphics.

Cassette Roller Banners, though more expensive initially, tend to be good value as the base unit remains on site and a new graphic can be printed inserted into a cassette and sent to the customer. Interchangeable cassette, Retractable banners are extremely popular and a shrewd investment. They are also better for the environment.

If you need a low cost, very powerful sales and marketing tool, choose a banner stand. My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the Digital Circus.


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