The 21st Century Marketing Tool, Inspired by a 14th Century Chinese Masterpiece!

14th Century Yuan Dynasty Hanging Banner
14th Century Yuan Dynasty Hanging Banner

A well-designed display system is a powerful sales tool. Digital technology and low manufacturing costs, make the bannerstand an affordable option, even for the smallest marketing department.

The most popular portable display system in the world is the retractable banner stand. Retractable or ‘Roller Banners’ are inexpensive, easy to use, portable and powerful, sales tools.

Banners have been in use for centuries. The Romans used them as ‘colours’ to denote regiments and as a call to arms. Politicians, demonstrators and other groups of people have created banners as a means of propaganda. Wherever there is a rally, there is usually a banner.

Banners have also been used as a form of decoration. Ornate, silk, hand painted and embroidered banners have hung in the palace of the Chinese Emperor, since the 14th century. From a call to arms, to enhancing ones environment, banners have proved invaluable, for centuries. They still have a vital role to play in the 21st Century. In modern times, banners have been incorporated into display systems as a promotional tool.

The single panel, retractable banner was invented in Sweden in 1997. It is now the most popular, portable sales and marketing device in the world. In China alone, last year, 50,000,000 roller banners were exported to every major country on earth. That figure is estimated to double in the next five years.

I have been marketing banners since their inception. In 2000, I created, the first dedicated, online bannerstands web site in the UK. In the last few years, we perfected the production of a banner graphic that is both edge curl and scratch resistant. Our current banner has the lowest carbon footprint of any graphic panel on the market. We are especially proud of this achievement.

In 2010, we added biodegradable banner graphics to our range. UK regulations permit 30% of biodegradable waste in landfill. Bio-graphics have proved especially popular with some of our customers.

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My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the Digital Circus.

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