Discover Four Great Reasons Why You Should Purchase A Bannerstand!

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There are 4 reasons for investing in a banner stand. They are as follows:

  1. The Bannerstand can be deployed in any aspect of promotional activity and marketing initiative, ranging from public relations to directional signage.
  2. The Bannerstand can deliver a simple, powerful message and call to action.
  3. The Return on Investment can be immediate, significant and cumulative.
  4. The Bannerstand is one of the most cost effective, flexible and powerful advertising mediums in the world.

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My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the Digital Circus.

2 thoughts on “Discover Four Great Reasons Why You Should Purchase A Bannerstand!

  1. Steve, it really makes sense to invest in a “quality” banner stand that is dependable and can be reused over an over again. An added bonus is that many Expand products feature the ability to change graphics out in the field or the retail store. Tailor you message to the “audience” of the day. One of our clients is a major pharmacutical manufacturer. Each rep has one of our QuickScreen 3 bannerstands and has 5 cassettes which promotes a particular product. Depending on where they are going that day, they choose the message for the meeting.

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