Free Tips For Buying The Ultimate Bannerstand!

Roller Banner
Roller Banner

Most organisations use bannerstands to promote their brand or service? You have limitless opportunities to promote your brand or service using bannerstands. They can be used in house at presentations or used in the field in exhibitions and PR events.

The Bannerstand – The Make, Model & Type of Bannerstand. There are hundreds of models to choose from. You need to decide from the outset, if a tension banner or retractable bannerstand, provides the best solution to your requirements. If you have multiple bannerstands in the field, it would be more economical, often quicker and better for the environment, to send a replacement graphic panel to the user, rather than send the retractable banner back to the shop for a new graphic to be fitted.

Budget: A good rule of thumb is to decide how long you require a bannerstand to last. Reputable dealers give a one-year warranty. Some dealers are offering five and even ten-year warranties. One of the best methods of setting a budget, is per unit as follows:

1-2 Years – £99.00

2-5 Years – £199.00

5-10 Years – £299.00

Bannerstands are like everything else in life; you get what you pay for. You also need to question the supplier about the graphic panel. You can buy cheap bannerstands on eBay and on the internet. Many of them use out dated printing technology and substrates, which are, sub standard. The level of after service from some Internet vendors can be suspect and the supplier may not be in business long enough to service your bannerstands.

Perceived value is also important. If you have an expensive brand or service, your display should reflect this. European bannerstands like Expand and Enara are more stylish, more expensive and more reliable than Chinese ones. If you can afford to purchase a premium, European bannerstand, I would advise you to do so.

The maxim is; a cheap looking bannerstand unit will detract from the graphic panel. Conversely, a cheap, poorly printed graphic panel will reflect on the unit. A substandard banner display will reflect significantly on your brand or service. The key is to decide, what you want the bannerstand to do, how often, who will be using it and establish a budget. There are some amazing systems on the market and they can promote your brand or service as well as any other aspect of the marketing mix.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the digital circus.


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