Discover Why Corporate Art Commissions Can Be Extremely Interesting!

Texture of Purple
Purple Textures – Steve Howard

I have spent over thirty years in high-end graphics. No two days and no two projects are ever the same. I have installed graphics and Fine Art Prints in Hotels, Super Yachts, Galleries, Museums, Penthouses and Board rooms of multi-national corporations.

I have one special client who likes to place pieces in modern offices which have life, colour or texture. Most of the time, she does not know what she wants, until she see’s it. Many of the works she commissions are not by famous photographers, artists or designers. She likes to browse photo-libraries and chooses images quickly.

She has a good eye and the environment these images are placed in are clinical, homogenous and soul less. Consequently, they work perfectly in warming the room or creating a focal point.

Recently she asked me for three AO Crystal Archival Photographic prints with bespoke, hand-made Ebony and Walnut frames. Walnut, Brazilian Rosewood(protected)  and ebony are my favourite woods. This time she wanted me to create three, abstract works. I think she may not have wanted to pay the photographic library for the images.

I created, printed and had three Digital photographic prints sealed in ebony frames with walnut purfling by one of the best framers in London. I must admit the frames were the star of the show. When I saw the result, I was reminded of what my old Art teacher used to tell me; “Never put a picture in a cheap frame”.

This is the first of the commissioned Artworks. I hope you like it? My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the Digital Circus.


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