Red And Green Should Never Be Seen Unless The Client Demands It!

Red & Green
Red & Green – Steve Howard

Every Art student has attended colour class. Most of my peers found it boring. I, on the other hand found lectures on primary, tertiary, colour harmony, fascinating.

One of the few maxims that was indelibly burned into my memory bank is the theory; “Red & Green Should never be seen.

In one of my  favourite Fred Astaire films, Funny Face, a female fashion editor espouses, “Red and Green should never be seen” – so presumably it was a fashion rule in 1950’s USA.

I found this maxim quite strange at the time as I think Red and Green can work well in abstract art. My client wanted an abstract piece in Red and Green and this is the work I created.

I did a little research on the theory and it supposedly refers to shipping at night. If you can see your red (or green) light and the other ships red (or green) light, you are passing in opposite directions. If one is red and one green, you are travelling in the same direction, possibly at an angle to each other, and may collide.

If you have any comments on the artwork, the theory of colour or have some Red and Green images, I would be delighted to hear from you.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the Digital Circus.

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