A Palm Tree By Any Other Name?

The Palm Tree
The Palm Trees

My last article explored the limitless world of Digital Technology to mimic conventional painting, good or bad.

This may be a better example. One image is the actual photograph and the other is the photograph applied with a filter to mimic an oil painting. You may say, all the filter has done is removed the detail and softened the image and increased the contrast.

This may be the case but there is no doubt that you are looking at two completely different images. I showed these two images to 20 different people, 17 preferred the digital painting.

None of them work in the digital industry or are employed in a ‘creative’ role in art or marketing.

I believe these images have a commercial and artistic value. I also believe that in the right setting Digital renditions are meritorious  works of art in their one right.

Let me know your thoughts, opinions or preference. My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the Digital Circus.


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