Discover The Powerful Acrostic Mantra The Worlds Most Successful People Use To Achieve Their Goals!

Your Smart - Steve Howard
Your Smart – Steve Howard

One of my favourite quotations is; ‘If one does not know to which port one is sailing, no wind is favourable’. This famous quotation was attributed to the great Spanish Philosopher, Seneca. Seneca lived in Rome between 3BC and 65BC.

As well as being a great Philosopher, Seneca was a very shrewd business man. He amassed a fortune, estimated at £3000,000 (today’s rates), lending money and charging exorbitant interest. Such was his infamy as a money-lender, Queen Boadicea, cited Seneca’s nefarious financial activities as one of the main factors in her leading the rebellion against Rome.

Today, Meditation is as fashionable as it is vital for mental and physical health. One of the first things you are taught, in Meditation, is to find your Mantra. Some of the oldest Mantras, such as ‘AUM‘, are ancient, simple, powerful and possess a powerful rhythm, like a song. You can actually adopt any word or phrase that you feel comfortable with.

Every successful, self-made person you meet, will tell you, they did not achieve their success by chance. Yes, they may have had a bit of luck but everyone makes their own luck. Every single, successful, self-made person, had a goal, a plan or clear objective.

Most self-made, successful people, will tell you they may have worked very hard but they also worked very smart. In fact, working smart or smarter is the key to ultimate success. If you want to be consistently successful, you will have to be smart, or smarter, every day.

This is the origination of the famous Acrostic, ‘SMART’. You can imbue this powerful Acrostic, with even more power, by adopting it as your personal ‘MANTRA’. To make it more personable to you, why not add the word, ‘Your’, to the word, ‘Smart’, to create the most powerful Business, Acrostic Mantra in the universe.

If you use this ‘Acrostic Mantra’ in your daily life and apply it to your goals and objectives, you will achieve the success you deserve, each and every day.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the Digital Circus.


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