Discover The Folding Display That Cost $30,000!

Coca Cola Folding Display
Coca Cola Folding Display

This exceedingly rare and highly sought after, 5-panel cardboard, “Four Seasons” display shows  a group of beautiful women, enjoying a Coke at various times of the year. This rare artefact sold for $30,000.

Hand painted, folding display panels were discovered in the Chinese Royal palace, over a thousand years ago. In the 1950’s, the folding display system was introduced into Car showrooms and gravitated into the exhibition arena. Today, If you search the internet, for a six or eight panel folding display system, you can buy one for a few hundred pounds sterling? In the 1980’s, my company sold these ingenious displays, with graphics and accessories for thousands of pounds sterling.

They were modular and flexible. They were used as desktop presenters, retail displays, exhibition booth and demonstration kits. They were used, in every sphere of industry, from pharmaceutical to banking. My company, launched the first, truly portable, folding display into the UK, in 1982. They quickly established a foothold in the display industry as they were lightweight, durable and flexible. They were the first display system that did not require assembling; it literally unfolded, in seconds.

The system was so popular, it enjoyed some notable orders. Barclay’s Bank ordered a thousand 6 panel kits, to launch ‘Saturday opening’. The Home Office, spent £100,000 on 8 panel folding systems, to launch their ‘We can crack it campaign’.  The National Guard, in the USA, invested over $500,000, in Folding Display Systems in their recruitment campaigns.

Even today, Folding displays are still popular  with charities, government and the non-profit sector as they are versatile and incredible value.

I have posted a few examples of folding Displays at

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the Digital Circus.

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