I Wood, Wood You?

Chinese Painted Screen
Chinese Painted Screen

In 2007, I was Managing Director of C3imaging Ltd, London City Branch. My Sales Director, Brian Judge and I, saw an Arizona 250Gt, Direct Media Printer.

Our Board of Directors sanctioned the purchase of this wonderful piece of technology . The Arizona 250GT paid for itself, within two years and allowed us to create some incredible projects.

I love Direct Media printers as the best ones are clean, possess a low carbon footprint, are flexible and print beautifully. We have printed paper clips, Mouse mats, doors, fine art prints and this wonderful boudoir screen.

The Arizona prints on almost any rigid and roll material up to 49mm thick. It really is, only limited by your imagination. The next time you have a project requiring some thinking outside the box, give me a call.

If you want see a lovely video from artist Jeff Soto about printing on wood, go to http://t.co/F4XRo5Cw.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the Digital Circus.


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