Great Men Are Born Not Made – Meet The Greatest Frenchman in England!

Dom-DarbostIn 2000, I was running one of the most hectic digital imaging bureaux in London. From scanning, design, prepress, printing and finishing, it was full on 24/7.  I had just launched, with a vision to create the worlds best online display e-commerce site.

I had already established partnerships with Mat, the Spanish company that made the beautiful Enara Tension Bannerstands and Chrono, the wonderfully stylish French banners. also marketed the incredible Expand collection of Roller Banners.

To complement the range, I needed a top of the range Modular Pop Up Display System. I therefore called Dom Darbost, Trade Manager of Scan Displays, the manufacturer of the worlds best ‘Portable Architecture’ System.

Dom was and still is a busy man. He racks up over 30,000 miles per year and thousands more in the air. He has clients from London to Paris and Amsterdam to Qatar.

Typical Dom, he turned up for the meeting at 09.00am and paid for breakfast. Dom donated equipment, time, images, advice, demonstrations, wine and marketing material.

Thirteen years later, Dom is still helping organisations all over the world create wonderful exhibition stands that guarantee results.

I now work with Dom. I don’t see him much. He is often in France, Holland, Germany and Italy, helping clients with their exhibitions and displays. He, like me is not getting any younger but if you see his plans for 2014 which are incredibly exciting, you will see he is not ready to slow down.

Dom has a qualification in public speaking and is one of the worlds best Raconteurs, yet turns down invitations to speak about ‘creating outstanding exhibitions’ due to other commitments. In order, not to disappoint the thousands of people who would enjoy this mercurial Frenchman holding court, he wrote a brilliant guide, which can be found at

Dom loves nothing more than to meet new people. If you want to meet Dom, contact him at Linkedin on or email If you want to take a look at our company, we are located at

If you have any questions, please email me on

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the Digital Circus.

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