Would You Go The Extra Mile? What About 717 miles – At The Drop Of A Hat?

Light-Box Phi Displays
Phi Displays – LED Light-Box

The Phi Display Team were in the office on Friday, on a cold day in Spalding, swapping anecdotes about the fast approaching weekend, when a call came in, from our Airline Shipping Company. Half of our revolutionary, LED Textile Light-boxes, bound for a VIP customer in Geneva, had not been collected from the UK airport, on Thursday night and consequently would not be delivered to Geneva, at close of business, Friday evening.

Dom, our charismatic, mercurial MD, immediately despatched Kris, our Installation Director, to collect the goods from the UK Shipping Company and return them to our Spalding Factory. Dom spent Friday evening with his family and on Saturday morning, drove the 717 miles from our Spalding HQ to a very grateful and relieved client in Geneva.

Dom drove back to the UK on the Sunday and the next day, left for a busy week of appointments in his beloved France.

I used to be a client of Dom’s and was often mesmerised with the quality of service he delivers, each and every day. Dom is often in the office at 5.00am and never leaves before 6.00pm. His phone never stops and the miles he covers in a year would challenge three men, never mind one.

The next time, you have a call from a client in distress, think of Dom. If you want to know more about Phi Displays, go to http://www.phidisplays.com or email sales@phidisplays.com.

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the Digital Circus.


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