Discover The 24th Century Display System!

Holodeck Pop Up
Holodeck Pop Up

In 1983, I worked for a Marketing Company in London selling portable display systems. The young art student we employed to design exhibition graphics for clients went on to become an award winning TV graphics designer at the BBC. His name was Morgan Almeida

A few years later, I got a call from Morgan asking to borrow a couple of portable display systems that we marketed. He was designing some opening graphics for a Saturday morning series and wanted to create a space age illusion.

This was not the first time our displays had been on television. Our Outline Folding 8 display systems had been used in a challenge on Bruce Forsyth’s iconic Sunday Night Show.

Like millions of others, I am an avid Star Trek fan. It always amuses me when the actors are in the Holodeck. Plain as day you can see Pop Up Displays.

If any of you know of any other interesting uses of display systems, please let me know. My name is Steve Howard. You Have been reading the Digital Circus.

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