Discover The Location Of The World’s Only Grade 1 Listed Dog House!

Digital Circus Ightham Mote
Ightham Mote

It is no secret, that I am an avid collector of art, images and prints. Without a doubt, the prints in my house, that generate the most admiring glances, is a set of artworks based on a theme, ‘The Garden Of England’.

One of the prints is Ightham Mote in Kent, England. Ightham Mote dates back to 1320. It is said to be the most complete, small, medieval manor house in England.

This unique building houses such unusual elements as the porter’s squint, a narrow slit in the wall, designed to enable a gatekeeper to validate a visitors credentials before opening the gate. The Mote House has an open loccia with a 15th century gallery.

In the grounds, there is a kennel, built in the 19th century which housed a St Bernard dog called Dido. It is the only Grade 1 listed dog house in the world.

This print was one of a series of 4, commissioned in the 1970’s. The black line work was drawn, by one of England’s most illustrious illustrators on high-grade, hand-made art paper. The line drawing was then meticulously screen printed by hand by one of the UK’s foremost screen printers. The result is a beautiful artwork which perfectly captures the essence of Ightham Mote.

This print was a limited edition. If anyone has a copy, I would be delighted to hear from you.

I have three more prints in the series. If you want to see the other three, I will be publishing a blog in the near future.

My name is Steve Howard, you have been reading the Digital Circus.

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