‘If You Can Keep Your Head………you’ll be a Man, my son!’ Rudyard Kipling!

Hand Drawn Limited Edition Screen Print of Rudyard’s Home ‘Batemans’.

‘That’s She! The Only She! Make an honest woman of her – quick!’ was how Rudyard Kipling and his wife Carrie, felt the first time they saw Bateman’s.

Kipling loved Batemans. Bateman’s is a 17th Century house famed for it’s mullion windows and impressive oak beams. This was Kipling’s sanctuary. Batemans today is much the same as Kipling left it, a link to a world that no longer exists. He wrote ‘Kim’ in the study at Batemans. Kim was his homage to his childhood memories in India. Kipling was awarded the Noble Prize for literature in 1907.

Of all the prints, this is my favourite as I am a lover of Kipling, have visited the house and this masterpiece beautifully captures the idyllic grounds and spirit of the house.

If you have a copy of this limited edition print, I would be delighted to hear from you.

My name is Steve Howard, you have been reading the Digital Circus.

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