Picture this! You are a busy marketing or sales person – up to your eyeballs with queries, projects and deadlines, when your boss calls. Damn; he wants you to take charge of a last-minute event, he has booked the company into and he wants you to take charge, opening in five days.

Your first task, is to go down to the bowels of the earth (the basement), trawl past the pile of junk (old and useless marketing material) and pull out the pre-war, state of the art portable exhibition stand. You take a deep breath, count to ten, put on your camouflage fatigues, light the candle on your coal miners helmet and venture forth. One tortuous hour later, you triumphantly emerge, without fanfare, with said display system and a slipped disc. The system is old, decrepit and heavy, just like your boss and has as much chance of attracting visitors to your stand as a ‘snowball’s chance in Hades’.

You think to yourself, ‘over my dead body, am I standing in front of this useless piece of junk, extolling the virtues of my super, duper, über company’. So, like most enterprising individuals, you hit the keys, surfing the web for the ‘Ultimate Warrior’, the portable display system which ticks all the boxes. This super system has to be; inexpensive, lightweight, flexible and user-friendly.

Congratulations – You found the POPUP-KILLER!

The POPUP-KILLER is the New Wave Of Portable Modular Displays. It is the best value display system on the planet. At less than 3.5 kilos per 2m x 800mm panel size it is also one of the lightest.

The POPUP-KILLER is the Ultra Lightweight Display for carrying on foot, by car, by bus, train or airplane.

The POPUP-KILLER is very flexible, it is the ultimate choice for displaying graphic panels. The POPUP-KILLER supports graphics printed on Digital Photographic paper , Tyvek, PVC, Canvas and Textile.

The POPUP-KILLER adapts to any size of event or show. The POPUP-KILLER is designed to be used as a single panel or linked together to form a display. All the graphic panels are identical in size, straight or curved which gives you more flexibility and saves you money!

The POPUP-KILLER transforms from a straight to a curved display in seconds – with no tools.

A 3 Metre display sets up in less than 5 Minutes! The POPUP-KILLER can be extended or reduced in size at will.

The POPUP-KILLER is connected via an invisible Link between the panels. The POPUP-KILLER is transported in a smart, stylish, padded carry bag for comfort and carrying.

So, the next time your boss wants you organise a show, event, product launch or seminar, with no time and even less money, think of the POPUP-KILLER.

For more details on this amazing display system, go to POPUP-KILLER, call Steve Howard on 01406 371 319 or email me

My name is Steve. You have been reading the Digital Circus.

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