Chutes & Ladders T-Shirt
Snakes & Ladders T-Shirt

One of the very first board games I played was Snakes & Ladders. Snakes and ladders is an Indian Board Game which is hundreds of years old. It was marketed in the USA as Chutes & Ladders and is still one of the worlds most popular board games.

I love this game so much I have created a T-Shirt at For UK readers, you can buy this fabulous T-Shirt at Teezily. When you are not wearing your Snakes & Ladders T-Shirt, you can use it to play this brilliant, simple and fun game. All you need is a dice and a counter.

If you fall asleep on the beach or at home, wearing your T-Shirt, your friends and family can amuse themselves with a quick game of Snakes & Ladders. The game itself is full of hidden meaning and symbology. Find out more at or Teezily.

If you want one of these brilliant T-Shirts, order now as Teespring Campaigns only last so long. Don’t miss a unique opportunity to own a fun and unusual T-Shirt. It will save you money on buying the board game!

My name is Steve Howard. You have been reading the Digital Circus.

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