5 Tips To Create Outstanding Exhibitions!

3D Design

Five great tips from Exhibition Expert Dominique Darbost to help you create an outstanding exhibition.

1. Which events should you attend?

There’s no point attending an event where no-one is going to be interested in your organisation. Investigate your industry and your target customers. Find out which events they attend each year. Once you’ve found out, book yourself for the key ones. Don’t try to attend everything – the cost would be too great and the results would not justify the time and expense involved.

2. Be prepared

Never go into an exhibition ‘cold’. Ask yourself why your organisation should be making its presence felt there. Are you looking for new clients? Are you looking to build a better profile within your industry? Do you have a product to launch? Think about who you want to reach whilst you’re there. What are their interests? What sort of graphics and copy do they respond to? What questions are they likely to have?

Finding this information out will ensure you get the results you want without wasting time and money.

3. Know the locale

A big part of preparing for any exhibition is understanding the local culture. This is especially important if your organisation is moving into another country, as something that gets a great response in one country could easily prove unpopular in another. Even simple colours provoke varying reactions around the world. Fine-tune your branding if necessary and make sure all your staff members are fully informed about local etiquette.

If your staff members are not fluent in the local language, arrange to have an interpreter available. Although English is generally the international language of business, using an interpreter puts a friendly face on your organisation.

4. Pick the right staff

Make sure that any staff that attend are used to dealing with customers. They’ll be the face of your organisation for the day, so it’s essential they make a good impression. Furthermore, ensure they’re all prepared to answer any questions (including technical ones) visitors may have about your products and services. It will look extremely unprofessional if your staff are unable to immediately answer questions visitors may have.

5. Read the manual!

The venue should supply a manual to all exhibitors, containing everything about health, safety and fire regulations, timing of install and dismantle, all ordering and how the day will be run. Do take the time to read it. You don’t want to arrive only to find you’ve missed an important deadline or some crucial safety information!

For more invaluable tips on creating outstanding exhibitions, download Dom’s Free guide at http://issuu.com/stevehoward3/docs/how-to-create-outstanding-exhibitio

If you need to contact Dom, go to http://www.phiexhibitiondisplays.com or email dom@phidisplays.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. My name is Steve Howard – You have been reading the digital circus.


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