Discover The POPUP-KILLER!


There is one indisputable fact in the display world today and that is that there are more bannerstands being used in the portable display industry than Portable Pop Up displays.

The bannerstand market comprises of two types, the retractible(rollup, roller) and the tension banner. Of the two, the retractible Roller Banner holds sway. The main benefits being ease of assembly, inexpensive and portable. The main draw back for users of non cassette retractible banners or quick change graphic banners is that the unit has to be sent back to the lab or seller when the panel needs changing. Most Tension banners do not have this problem.

Most tension banners support a range of graphic substrates, including PVC, Tyvek and even Textile. This makes them very popular with companies that change their graphics often and tend to be trendsetters in their industry.

The latest trend in the display industry, is to offer clients more flexible display systems both in configuration and graphic options and to make the cost of ownership as low as possible. The result is that clients get great value for money and can therefore exhibit more. Pop Up Events, one day seminars, even half day events mean that companies have to set up quickly and remove their displays as quickly.

The latest revolution in tension bannerstands from Phi Displays is the POPUP-KILLER. It is a Tension banner that can support Textile and PVC panels. It can be a single banner or linked to create a larger display. It has an ingenious base which allows the user to exhibit a flat graphic or curved graphic (takes 3 panels).

It is extremely lightweight, requires no tools, is easy to assemble and is less than half the price of an equivalent Popup Display.

In short – a fantastic new method for cost effective face to face communications.

Need to know more? Email me or check out the PDF at


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