Exhibiting Soon – This Free Checklist Will Make The Job Easier?

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Many exhibitors find exhibiting stressful – The best way to reduce stress is to prepare thoroughly. In his brilliant Free Guide’ ‘How To Create Outstanding Exhibitions’, Dominique Darbost advises creating a checklist of 30 things and ensuring they are followed to the letter.

Here are the 30 things you simply cannot afford to forget before exhibiting. Make sure you have completed all of these in advance and you can look forward to an excellent exhibition!

1) Choose the number of staff who’ll be present at the show.

2) Check the available dates for you and your staff.

3) Check the validity of everyone’s passports.

4) Book the right space, with maximum exposure to the flow of visitors.

5) Book a flexible flight or ferry in case of illness or accident.

6) Book a hotel with parking as early as possible to minimise the cost.

7) Read the technical manual from the organisers.

8) Check the restrictions pertaining to height, fire, security and safety (check the height of your floor if you need one and verify if you need a disabled ramp).

9) Get in touch with two exhibition companies to get different quotes for the costs pertaining to your stand (design, stand management, hardware, graphics, transport, installation, dismantling).

10) Get a final written quote with all the details.

11) Make the final decision regarding your stress-free exhibition partner.

12) Check that the right number of sockets are in place.

13) Determine your power requirements.

14) Book electricity early or you could have 20% extra added to your bill

15) Check if you need an internet connection.

16) Order your TV, TV stand and a data capture scanner (if required).

17) Order your carpet (if needed).

18) Order your furniture (if needed).

19) Order the daily cleaning of your stand (if required).

20) Order the catering (if necessary).

21) Order all the exhibitors, visitors, contractors and vehicles passes.

22) Check that you have all the right Insurance in place.

23) Check all the hardware and artwork for the graphics of your stand with your chosen stress-free exhibition partner based on their design.

24) Print graphics beforehand to make sure that they fit on your hardware.

25) Get a chance to see a pre-built version of your stand with graphics.

26) Have the right number of uniforms in the right sizes ready in advance.

27) Check the amount of time needed to install and dismantle your stand, as well as for travelling.

28) Make sure that you have all the appropriate brochures and leaflets before leaving.

29) Make sure that there is an emergency box with tools, light bulbs, European plugs, mobile chargers, stationary, etc.

30) Check if you need a ladder.

For more invaluable tips on creating outstanding exhibitions, download Dom’s Free guide at http://issuu.com/stevehoward3/docs/how-to-create-outstanding-exhibitio

If you need to contact Dom, go to http://www.phiexhibitiondisplays.com or email dom@phidisplays.

My name is Steve Howard – You have been reading the Digital Circus.


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