This Man May Help You Create Outstanding Exhibitions – For FREE!

Creating Outstanding Exhibitions!
How To Create Outstanding Exhibitions!

If you are involved in the Exhibition Industry, you may have heard of Dominique Darbost. Dominique or as he is affectionately known, Dom is the author of one of the best guides ever written about creating outstanding exhibitions.

This invaluable little guide has helped thousands of novice and experienced exhibitors create outstanding exhibitions, since it was written in 2012.

If you are one of the few people who have not heard of Dom, check him out on Linkedin at

For those of you, who have heard of Dom but not his impressive ‘Resume’, this is a summary of his achievements in the exhibition industry.

Dom has 18 years of experience in the exhibition industry. Dom started in the exhibition industry in 1997 with Photobition.

 As the National Trade Manager, he introduced the Premier frame to the industry. This unique frame with its four-way hub and hinges became the benchmark of portable architecture for exhibition stands, offering multiple stand configurations.

Dom is well known in the trade for the manufacturing of quality and bespoke exhibition displays including portable architecture.

All his products are distributed through a network of distributors in the UK, Europe and Middle East.
All of his products are guaranteed.

Dom is always available when you need him – the words “no” and “impossible” are not part of his vocabulary.

 Storage facilities and a global installation/dismantling service are available as well as brochure printing and mailing operations.

Dom will always go ‘the extra mile’ and if he does not know the solution, he will know someone who does.

 Dom has also been recognised for his unique designs and points of sale.

Download your FREE guide; ‘How To Create Outstanding Exhibitions’ at

Dom can be found at or email

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