The Lionising Of Cecil!


Cecil the Lion was already a celebrity in Africa before he was brutally murdered, beheaded and skinned by hunters in July. 2,500 years ago Buddha, Confucius and Socrates created an era we now call ‘The Transformation’. In years to come, the internet may well be seen in a similar light.

The keyboard may yet conquer the gun! Every where in the world, people of all ages are agitating and unlike putting the message in a bottle and throwing it into the sea, are posting messages into cyberspace. Unlike the poor bottle which has to navigate the ocean and after months or years, get washed up on the shore, only for the one in a million chance, of some curious beachcomber seeing it bobbing in the water, cyberspace always seems to have a keyboard warrior on hand to collect even the most unsolicited message.

Cecil the Lion is causing massive ripples in cyberspace – and all the better for it! You can not be human, if you do not feel genuine sorrow, for one of the ‘King’s of the Jungle’ ending his life in such an ignominious manner, being lured by cowards and killed by a meek and mild dentist from Minnesota. Not for him, spending his holidays, spreading his obscene wealth on charity work in Mumbai; he decides he wants an homogenized killing holiday, in an area close a safari park, an area where he would have more chance of being run over by a fellow holiday maker than being killed by his prey – very walk on the wild side!

If people want to hunt, why not head out into the wild frontier, on their own and rely on the so called human instincts they harp on about and genuinely expose themselves to real danger – At least give the poor creature a chance- however small! Modern day hunting for most people is like shooting a fish in a barrel. As Bruce Lee said’ “Boards don’t fight back!”

Cecil will be sorely missed. To mourn his passing, I created this tribute to Cecil by exposing the image of a Lion’s Face to the other sensation of the Internet, Google Deep Dreams. LOOK CLOSELY – Google Deep Dream has inserted animals eyes and embedded surreal imagery into the original photograph. Have some fun and see how the neural network has transformed this image – Hope you like it?

If you want to see more of these images, click on my Pinterest board, ‘The Eyes Of The World Are On Cecil’.

If you have any thoughts, I would be delighted to hear from you.

My name is Steve Howard – You have been reading the Digital Circus.


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