Discover The Trash Can Lid Theory!

Woman jumping Over A Bin Lid

I once had the honour of playing for one of the worlds worst soccer teams. After our tenth consecutive loss and with team confidence lower than Goofy’s IQ our soccer coach had a eureka moment. He decided to lay out 11 Bin Lids (Trash Can Lids in the USA) in the opposing half of the soccer field, threw the ball onto the pitch and had us play against the stationary Trash Can Lids. After a hard fought clash, the trash can lids won 1 – zero (nil), ultimately destroying any remaining confidence and hastening the demise of the team itself – No loss to the soccer world!

The story is of course untrue but it is a very old joke in England that soccer teams are so poor they cannot beat a set of stationary bin lids. Trash can or bin lids are also a metaphor I used to use in business about poor managers, a subject very dear to my heart as some of my old bosses wrote the book on bad management. I used to joke that a lot of managers used to make me wear a blindfold and then throw bin lids in my way.

My surreal Beatle Like humour is not unique – Everyone I know from my home city of Liverpool is born with it in their DNA. It is an essential part of every Liverpudlian’s psyche. It is both a rapier and a shield – utilised with deft skill, at just the right time and at the right moment it can be devastating. Timing as they say, is everything!

Each and everyone of us, in all aspects of our lives has had trash can or bin lids thrown in our way – The skill is to know what they are, who threw them, be prepared for them and then to use them as a springboard to jump clear and leave them in the distance as quickly as possible – I find stopping to analyse them and solve the issue of the trash can or bin lid is a waste of energy.

Dodging trash can or bin lids can be exhilarating, satisfying and can make you incredibly agile. It heightens your perception and improves your psyche no end. I know a lot of people who welcome trash can or bin lids being thrown at them and conversely, I know a lot people who freeze when lids are thrown in their way.

There is a very, very old Japanese proverb which states; ““Fall seven times, stand up eight!” Churchill once said; “Go through Hell, keep going!”

The next time someone throws a trash can or bin lid in your way, smile, spring off and fly like Peter Pan – You will love it and will never fear another Trash can or Bin Lid in your life! One of my other favourite maxims is ‘Let no one paint you into a corner’. That my friends is a story for another day.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me – My name is Steve Howard, you have been reading the Digital Circus!



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