Can You Predict The Future Of Trade Booths?


I sold my first display system in 1983 and since then have sold thousands. My record sale for a bannerstand is 1000 units, to Volkswagen in 2003 and 3000, 8 panel kits to Nat West Bank in 1984.

Pop-up stands and exhibition displays are the hardy perennials of the marketing industry. A staple of the graphics, signs and display industry, these items are as popular at trade shows and events today as they were 50 years ago. But to continue to be relevant in the 21st century, these concepts continue to evolve and are now making use of today’s technology, actively competing in the digital realm where many of us spent significant parts of our lives.

The humble 2000mm x 800mm pull-up banner is no longer static and passive. It now performs all sorts of wonderful interactions with customers. Combining the latest technology and augmented reality capabilities, direct engagement is now possible from your pop-up display. For example, motion sensors can be used to display digital information and messages based on a customers’ movement or behaviour in front of the unit, bringing it to life in front of them.

At Silverpoint Display we have been creating digital display stands for food and drink outlets for city centre shopping centres to use as promotional tools in communal areas. The concept centres around counter and standard display units.

Pop-up counters

The circular counter splits in two and is built on heavy-duty castors with interchangeable graphic panels with an option of a bridge for high level graphics; LED lighting can be included under the counter top to create additional focus.

Standard display units

The standard unit is hinged and lockable, on heavy-duty castors. The interior can house interchangeable and illuminated graphic panels, plasma screens and LED screens with an option to use illuminated, interchangeable graphic panels to the rear. These units can be positioned as a standalone feature or combined, offering various configurations and an option of detachable, branded fascia panels to provide a bespoke focus when appropriate.

Augmented reality

A further development of augmented reality, is the use of glass embedded with microchips which react to movement. Tap, swirl or rotate the glass to interact with an LED screen and sound to bring the subject to life. The glass has a sensor to tie up with the media screens using WiFi connectivity. Media clips can use brand promotions or animations/videos, including sound and mobilised in sync with movement. This concept can be used for almost any product.

Utilising technology for permanent or temporary retail or exhibition displays is clearly an area where specialist help is needed. The use of digital content and augmented reality is a focus area for Silverpoint Display and we would be delighted to work with you to bring your brand to life in this way.

Contact us for an initial chat or to find out more. Call 0161 439 8330 or email or visit

My name is Steve Howard – You have been reading the Digital Circus.

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